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Stopfakes.gov Roadshow

World Trade Center Miami 5835 Waterford District Dr, Miami, FL, United States

The STOPfakes.gov Roadshow delivers critically important information about intellectual property to the audience that needs it most—start-ups, entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses, independent creators, and inventors. The information is presented by experts from multiple government agencies that deal with intellectual property issues.
This all-day event includes presentations as well as one-on-one consultations with the various resources. Participants may also apply for Copyright and Trademark Recordation with CBP on-site.

Participants can meet with the speakers for 10-minute sessions to discuss an IP issue they have.

Copyright Office staff will be on-site to help you with the application required to register your work online.

Made available by CBP staff to navigate the recordation application portal and process. Trademark recordation is $190 per international class of goods, and copyrights are $190 per application; it takes about 40 minutes.


Work Smarter, Not Harder: Unleashing the Power of Copilot 365

As a manager driven by results and data-driven decision-making, you understand the importance of efficiency and continuous improvement, by integrating Microsoft Copilot 365 into your business operations, you can leverage its powerful AI capabilities to drive efficiency, innovation, and constant improvement, ultimately leading to better business outcomes. Join this webinar and dive into your team's productivity.


• Unlock the Power of Microsoft Copilot 365: Gain comprehensive insights into how Copilot 365 can revolutionize your operations, making your business more agile and competitive.
• Practical Examples and Use Cases: Discover real-world applications and success stories that illustrate the transformative potential of Copilot 365.
• Essential Steps for Success: Learn actionable strategies and best practices to ensure a seamless and effective adoption of Copilot 365 within your team and organization.

Mario López Baratas | VP & Chief Innovation Officer | Bravent